Respite Care for Families of Elderly And Disabled People

A Respite for Family Caregivers

Many loving families decide to take care of elderly and disabled people in their homes. Sometimes, this is a very good decision because it allows the elder to enjoy care in a familiar environment and from his or her own family. elderly woman and respite care aideHowever, home caregivers need breaks on occasion. They may need a few days off to attend to their own personal matters, go out of town, work, or even just take a break to unwind.

Respite care services are there to give caregivers a break for any reason that they need. These may be in-home services, but if the family plans to be gone for an extended period of time, they may be inside an assisted living facilities. These facilities range from small neighborhood houses to large complexes. Respite care through home care services takes place in the client’s home.

Importance Of Picking Good Respite Care

If respite care services are to be used, it is good to pick a home care service that can be relied on again and again. This eases the patient transition from home care by the family to care someone else, by relative strangers. However, if the caregivers become familiar, it should not be a problem because it will be simply like visiting friends and not getting cared for by strangers.

What Is Included In Respite Care?

This is usually a non-medical solution that is similar to assisted living, but at home, providing personal care for elderly or disabled people that need some help with issues like meals, hygiene, and taking medication on time. This care could also include 24/7 supervision and attention to each person’s safety.

Who Pays For Respite Care?

In some situations, respite care may be covered by long term care insurance. However, if these types of plans are not available, the family or the elderly person may have to pay for this type of care out-of-pocket. There is usually a daily charge that includes everything including caregivers, transportation as needed, and other activities.

Why Consider Respite Care?

Acting as the family caregiver for an elderly or disabled person can be a very tough job. Most caregivers need a break to attend to the needs of other family members and take some time to get rest and relaxation.

Good respite care services provide an excellent solution because the aides can step in to provide good care for a few days to a few weeks. If the person needing care tends to need a lot of care, it might work out better to consider a permanent solution through the home care service because it will probably be less expensive and require few transitions of care.

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