Activities for Active Seniors in Broward and Palm Beach County

Participating in activities that nourish the mind, body and soul is a great way for active seniors to continue enjoying their lives. seniors playing tennisA full, independent and vibrant life demands continued participation in a number of activities. There are many adventures that seniors in Palm Beach county and Broward county, Florida can explore during their free time. Some of these activities are outlined below:


A number of Palm Beach and Broward county communities have bike ways where you can ride and take in the natural and man-made beauty of your surroundings. Your county or local parks department should be able to give you maps and other information about the locations of bike paths you may wish to explore. This type of information is also readily available online.


Walking around your neighborhood in South East Florida is a remarkable way to start the day. You can explore even further by walking along one of the beautiful beaches or taking a stroll in your favorite park. To add adventure to your walks, you could combine them with other activities. These could include a scavenger hunt, bird watching, treasure hunting and hiking.


You can dance your way into happiness and good health. The options for seniors include line dancing, ballroom dancing, folk dancing and tap. There is also the option of participating in a Latin-inspired, high-energy dance routine called Zumba. This popular dance workout has a version specifically designed for seniors.


Whether lazily paddling around the pool or doing vigorous laps, being in the water can be beneficial to seniors. Swimming provides a great boost in circulation. It is also ideal for seniors afflicted with arthritis as no pressure is placed on the joints.


You can get a great low-impact workout from strolling along the banks of your favorite lake or stream, while searching for that elusive catfish or trout. If a great catch happens, this would just be the cherry on top of an already delightful experience.


Kayaking and canoeing are remarkable methods of getting out of the house, seeing nature and getting some exercise. Best of all, buying equipment is totally unnecessary. There are local businesses that will rent you anything you need and at affordable rates.

Join a Senior League

If your interest in sports goes beyond being a spectator, you could become a member of a senior league. There is also the option of playing with friends at the local recreational center or park. Your choice of sporting activities is limited only by your interest and physical abilities. Included among the possibilities are:

• Tennis
• Golf
• Softball
• Badminton
• Croquet

Explore Your Hobbies

Seniors have the option of exploring hobbies that they may have been too busy to develop before. Some of these ideas are:

• Gourmet cooking
• Arts and crafts
• Raised bed gardening
• Sewing/quilting
• Scrapbooking
• Jewelry making
• Photography

Senior Centers

There are a lot of senior centers in Broward and  Palm Beach Counties that provide venues in which seniors can explore their favorite pastimes. Being a part of a senior center provides the opportunity to play bingo, checkers, bridge and other card games. Some of the centers even offer exercise programs and craft classes. In addition, for a nominal fee, some senior centers will organize group excursions and provide participating members with lunches.


There are a number of civic organizations and charities that could use you help. Seniors with time on their hands and valued experience can effect change and as such, be invaluable assets to others in need. Some volunteer opportunities in which you could become involved include working at:

• Hospitals
• Library helper
• Community events
• Nursing home visits
• Tourist attractions
• Music hall or museum docent
• Tax preparation help


Whether you are making a tropical or Oriental escape or exploring a local attraction, the possibilities for travel adventure are virtually unlimited. There are several groups that plan trips that are ideally suited to seniors. If your spouse or significant other is still around, you can turn your travel plans into romantic getaways.

Pause for Relaxation

It is not desirable and quite unnecessary to be active all throughout the day. As an independent senior, you march to the beat of your own drum. Therefore, you can take time out of your day to unwind and relax in whichever way you desire. After all your hard work, you definitely deserve periods of rest and rejuvenation.

For many, the senior years present the ideal time to engage in the things they love. Determine the activities in which you can participate to make you the happiest. You can make a list of all the activities you want to explore and just dive in. Do not be scared to explore new activities, particularly if they are things you have been wanting to do for years. Keep enjoying your life as an independent senior and do what you can to be happy in mind, body and soul.

As we age, there are some realistic limitations. We may be just as active in our minds as we were when young, but sometimes our bodies need a bit of extra help. Home care aides can provide the solution. One of the tasks of an aide is to transport and accompany seniors on appointments and outings. If your urge to get out exceeds your ability to drive, hire one of our aides to help you at home and to get around. Call us and let’s discuss it. (561) 465-3359