Home Care Aides for Boca Raton Area Seniors (Broward & Palm Beach Counties)

Aging in place provides wonderful opportunities for seniors to maintain their independence. However, even the healthiest seniors can benefit from home care.
If you are concerned about your elderly family member who lives alone, consider a certified home care aide.

Your Elderly Loved One’s Safety

Safety is one of your main concerns for your elderly relative. A home care aide will make sure his home is safe. You will not have to worry about break-ins, or your senior being trapped if there is an emergency.

Boca Raton Home Care Aide and Elderly WomanYour Senior Does Not Need To Be Lonely

Loneliness is harmful to a senior’s mental health. When he has companionship, he will never feel lonely or isolated. Your senior and his aide can have conversations, participate in activities together, and have fun. Companionship can enrich your senior’s life.

A Senior Can Have A Healthy Home Environment

An aide can perform light housekeeping tasks for your senior. This can eliminate the physical strain of housework, and keep his living environment neat and clean. He will not be bothered by clutter, or risk an accident because of debris. He can enjoy a healthy, tidy home.

If a Senior Needs Transportation

When your loved one has errands to do, his aide can provide transportation and assistance. He can go to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and other errands without riding the bus or driving a car. You can be confident knowing he is safe whenever he is with his aide.

Transportation can be provided to events in his community, too. He can enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, see local attractions, and participate in community activities with his home care aide. He can have a fulfilling life when he has the opportunity to leave home.

Your Senior And A Healthy Diet

Many seniors who live alone do not eat properly. They may be too tired to prepare healthy meals, or are simply not motivated to cook. This will not be a concern when he has an aide.

Cooking can be part of an aide’s job. She can make sure he has a balanced, nutritious diet. If your senior’s physician has recommended any dietary restrictions, you can be confident your senior’s diet meets his needs.

Medication Reminders For Elderly Persons

Forgetting to take medication can be a serious problem for seniors. Your elderly relative may have a minor or serious condition that requires medication on a regular basis.

When he has a home care aide, he will be reminded to take his medication. You do not have to worry about him skipping a dose, or taking too many pills.

Personal Activities Of Daily Living

Many elderly persons need assistance with daily living tasks. When your senior has an aide, it can improve his health and his quality of life.

One example is daily grooming. Whether he needs help cleaning his dentures or teeth, brushing his hair, or bathing, he can count on his home care aide to assist with these tasks. Daily grooming can contribute to his overall health.

Dressing is another example of daily tasks. If you are concerned your senior may spend every day in his pajamas, or wear clothing that is not suitable for the weather, you can relieve your concerns by hiring a home care aide. She will make sure he is appropriately dressed each day, even if he plans to spend the day at home.

Certified Home Care Aides For Independent Living

Some elderly persons feel they can do everything for themselves, and do not need help from anyone. Boca Raton home care aide and elderly woman having coffeeThis is especially true for seniors who have been independent throughout their adult lives. Your parent or grandparent may even express resentment if you offer to help him.

The desire to retain independence is completely natural. Older individuals who never relied on anyone often hesitate in relying on their family members.

It can be much different when you hire a home care aide for your senior. He can have an experienced, fully trained aide to take an important place in his life. Instead of resenting an aide, he will appreciate the friendship and companionship. While his home care aide will assist him in his daily life, he will see this person as his new friend.

Non-Medical Home Care For Seniors

If your elderly loved one has decided to age in place, you can support his decision. It is easier for you to do this when you do not have to worry about his health, safety, and overall well-being.

For seniors who do not need skilled medical services or 24-hour supervision, a certified home care aide is the ideal solution.

Your family member will have the highest quality care, and he can safely live in his own home. He can have the companionship and assistance he or she needs for his elderly years to be healthy and happy.

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